A capable warrior can even use ordinary bows to defeat his opponents. This would have created havoc for everyone because of looking back at so many adharmas committed by both Duryodhana & Shakuni in the past. Brahmananda astra had 5 heads. Can you point out any single warrior from Kauravas side who had shown so much concern for Pandavas before the battle ??? Duryodhana makes Shalya the commander. Virat war. Karna had to pay for his sins in earth while Arjuna had to pay for his sins in hell. What one thought the other was always able to finish. Your article seems to be false - the very first set of statement is clever fooling of readers. Ni matter how much run away..truth remains the truth..karna was much powerful and greater warior and human being than all the pandavas including arjuna..and it is said by none other than Krishna himself. 'Surya was horribly worried. Arjun VIRAT YUDH full story part-1 [1 of 3] in real mahabharat book Why arjun was invincible almighty warrior Arjun virat war untold full story. Narayana and Nara grew up in the ashrama surrounded by the forests. But to be honest, if only a celestial bow was enough to slay all the maharathis then I don't think they are even maharathis. You really think you can defeat me! They only knew that they were going to fight King Virat (who was not that powerful) and that's why they brought normal weapons and normal chariots. Arjun was the great warrior for all time. No one is forgetting about pasupatastra as a matter of fact Arjuna could have died along with Karna and all the warriors from both sides, because it didn't matter who wielded that devastating arrow because it would kill its wielder too. Duryodhan never considered Pandavas as his brothers because Pandavas were born using a mantra(spell) because Pandu had a curse.In her Swayamwar Draupadi insulted Karna by calling him a Sutputra in front of everyone present because she knew Karna could do it.She also insulted Duryodhana saying blind father's son is also blind.I just have only questionThey say Pandavas fought for Dharma but wat and where is this Dharma?Karna was indeed a great warior,that is why Indra asked his Kavach and Kundal.Krishna revealed to Karna that Pandavas were his brother but didn't reveal it to the Pandavas.Kunti pleaded for Panadavas life with Karna but didnt tell the Pandavas untill Karna was dead.Karna was weakened and Arjun was strengthened.Pandavas won only because of Lord Krishna.Kurukshethra was a war for Kingdom.If it was for Dharma then why couldnt the Pandavas make it to the heaven except for Yudhishtr? He decided to take refuge with the Surya as he was the one who had granted him the boon in the first place....Narayana and Nara both went to Surya, 'Hand over that monster to us now!' Anybody who stood in his way was crushed by him. Dear Naveen,First of all, for your kind information, no one ever has had any doubts about Karna's Daanveerta and his caliber as a true warrior. I am blessed to see you! Perhaps saving Jayadratha was not important. Lord Parshuram himself said that he never taught a student like Bhishma and Karna. Both were exceptional human beings by nature and were incomparable. And the reason for Indra to beg and let karna give away his kavach was because the kavach carries a curse(see the story of Dambhodbhava asura which was Karna in previous birth) that whomever breaks it will die immediately. So it is not a question of who is best that u need to argue upon rather understand the subtle subtexts that though karna was as good if not more talented than arjun , since he could / didn't differentiate btw right n wrong , therefore he had to loose n die . Both were defeated and both gained Victory. http://logicastra.blogspot.com/2017/02/all-of-karnas-defeats.html, AAAh!! This author has attempted to insult Arjun and tried to spread communal hatred by polarizing opinion towards one great archer against another. Sahasrakavacha focused again and saw that the sage was not running towards him but towards the fallen Nara! Krishna had to tell him often to put his heart in war. a) karna had donated his divine armour-rings much before virat war PARV - Vana Parv And beholding that hero among men thus cutting his body with a weapon, smiling ever and anon, celestial kettle-drums began to be played upon and celestial flowers began to be showered on him. He paid his tribute to Bhurishrava and Bhagadatta on battlefied whom he had to kill. It is a universal fact which was said by lord Krishna alone. He always supported him so he was equally accused like Duryodhan. As time went on, Sahasrakavacha started attacking the forest ares surrounding Badrinath, where both Narayana and Nara were staying. Infact everywhere and in most serials including the most recent one glorifying Karna , he received the bow just after completing his Gurukul - which is logical also. Lmao you SALTY and BUTTHURT Arjuna fan can't digest the truth, You are idoitic arjun fanWhatever he said was right Go read the bori ce.. Stfu salty butthurt arjun fan. Mahabharat is a spiritual poem and please don't try to analyse it in the way did over here. Jaya, the core of Mahabharata, is structured in the form of a dialogue between the King Dhritarashtra (who was born blind) and Sanjaya (having a divine vision), his advisor, and chariot driver. Karna (Sanskrit: कर्ण, IAST: Karṇa), also known as Vasusena, Anga-raja, and Radheya, is one of the major characters of the Hindu epic Mahābhārata. Blind belief story, karna was not a evil person in any birth. People started calling him Sahasrakavacha [meaning one who has a thousand armours]It was around this time that King Daksha [the father of Sati, the first wife of Shiva] got one of his daughters Murti married to Dharma - one of the 'Mind' sons of Lord Brahma, the God of Creation [It is said that Lord Brahma created his mind sons or Manas putras from his thoughts]Murti had also heard of Sahasrakavacha and wanted to put an end to his menace. TO bee honest, this is true. The Kauravas didn't know that they would have to face Arjun. You are right. Certainly, we have no doubt about Karna's caliber as a true warrior. None of the replies (I may have missed in the entries I did not read) tell the exact reason why Karna was Archenemy of only Arjuna in all five Pandavas. Both of them trusted each other implicitly and never questioned the other. विराट युद्ध (Virat War)- अर्जुन और कर्ण(Karna Vs Arjuna). So, no one is inferior to no one. Plus the curses of Lord Parshuram & Brahmin given to Karna also needed to be filled. 'Dambhodbhava hid a smile, 'My Lord! Surya's eye narrowed. That is true. Yet people FALSELY sympathise on his death. Karna and Arjuna were two of the greatest archers of the Mahabharat era. You may argue that Pandavas were also, at times wrong on their part in taking some of the decisions which could have avoided Mahabharata battle. No one is doubting greatness of Karna BUT DO NOT DISTORT history for glorifying someone. drona promised arjuna that he will make him the greatest archer and loved him so much that his son ashwathama never ealized how much drona loved him until drona gave up his weapons and accepted death when he heard that ashwathama was killed. And that could have happened only when Karna would be weaponless.So, rather than questioning the greatness of one warrior over another as well as questioning the circumstances under which one great warrior prevailed victory over another, it would be better to understand the moral behind the great Mahabharat battle and imbibe the learnings out of the same..... Parshuram never gave any such boon to Karn . None of us really knows who is great as we are only going by history. N what is arjun fans , karan fans ? Balram didn't help the Kauravas because he was also related to the pandavas. LOL at you for playing with the words that 'Pandavas were of forgiving nature' There is no point in making an individual comparison of Pandavas with Kauravas. Arjuna and the pandavas except yudhisthira lived like only 36 years after the war. Bhishma is the grandson of Brahma as Bhishmaś mother Ganga is Brahmaś daughter, a Brahmaputri and he is the son of that Brahmaputri Ganga and hence was called Gangaputra. No matter how powerful arjuna is. Moreover, Parshuram was also somewhere aware of Karna's real identity but if he would not have cursed him, he could foresee Karna's loyal friendship with Duryodhan which in turn would be catastrophic for the public good. Analysis: This bow was named after Vishnu. He knew that Dambhodbhava had performed a very powerful penance and that he could get the entire boon he had asked for. Kichaka approaches the queen, and inquires about Sairandhri. We bring you 10 lesser known stories about the ‘suryaputra’, proving he was nothing less than a hero. Sanjaya narrates each incident of the Kurukshetra War, fought in 18 days, as and when it happened. There was no way of defeating him. Karna replies,” Please make my pyre on the most barren place on earth, so no man may suffer the pain I did in case it's reborn.” The Narration of the Kurukshetra War. Nobody questions his claimWhy Vijaya bow was not used during Drona Parva (day 11 to 15)? Hello, This video is about Arjun who defeated entire Kaurav including Karna during Virat war or yudh in Mahabharat. Karna was sharper than Yudhishtira. Krishna asks him to ask for a boon. He closed his eyes and muttered a mantra. Despite everything this man has done, he is my devotee! It is not correct on our part to make unworthy comments about any of the warriors that fought in Mahabharata war. Even, all those people who are supporting this author's view point are equally insane. Arjuna had the Gandiva while Karna had Vijaya. Kurukshetra war day 17. Indira gives lot of weapon to his. All committed mistakes as well. This puny human was willing to challenge him to a fight and was not even remotely worried that fighting him would mean certain death for him and all for what? If Arjun wanted he could hav slayed Karna,Duryodhun,Dushasan and the others alone bt he himself told the prince,who was his charoteer in zat war that he dnt want 2kill them like that. Only weak do not accept the truth..and those who do not accept it are weak and disrespect none other than krishna.karna was the tiger and the hero among the men.period. He was resentful because he did not know whose child he was. Having said that, I would also say that it is not right for us to comment on the quantum of greatness of any of these two warriors. It is essential to know that while Arjun possessed most celestial weapons of the Universe including Pashupatastra, he did not use them during Kurukshetra battle of Mahabharat as its impact could have been devastating for everyone on earth. Do you know anything about me!' The two brothers learnt the art of warfare. He possessed Lord Indra's Vasavashaki and Nagastra particularly intended for Arjun, for which nobody had answer to these weapons. Last Updated: 29th April, 2020 16:09 IST 'Mahabharat' Written Update April 28 & 29, 2020: Karna Agrees To Give His Kavach & Kundal 'Mahabharat' has made a comeback on television. For this I curse you that you would be born as a human and suffer for this!' As the fight went on, Sahasrakavacha realized that the penance of Narayana was giving Nara strength. 'Dambhodbhava bowed before him, 'Lord! Duryadhan is desperately trying to get hold on the Pandavas and their wife Draupadi. He was taught by Vishnu Ji himself(What we call krishna or Parshuram). He knew that no matter how much he asked, Surya would never grant him the boon of immortality. Once, Arjuna asked Lord Krishna why he called Yudhishtira, Dharamaraj, and Karna, Daanveer. 'Dambhodbhava's shoulder drooped. Also, one must understand that even though Karna was a great human being by nature, he was still fighting on behalf of adharmas (committed by Kauravas) because of his far too loyal friendship with Duryodhana. It looks to me as a great nuisance one using nasty words about Arjuna. 'I cannot just turn him away now! 55(A)-45(K) The above analysis makes it look like Arjun as a better fighter than Karna. Karna was part of the plan for burning Pandavas, disrobing kunti and was on the side of adharm. But, the viceversa was not true. And Surya had a feeling that Dambhodbhava was not going to use his powers for good. Karna was always his assurance. I agree that Karna had a tragic end as a dying warrior in the battle. The Last Battle. This is evident throughout the mahabharat . Ridiculous stuff ever made by tv serial fan of Karan. It could have been a great article if it would have been written without the intention of lowering the dignity of any of the great warriors. Thoroughly useless article written by someone who does not even understand or read the original text. Drona rejected Karna because he was son of suta despite the fact he had kavacha kundala and when arjuna shot the birds' eye with one arrow, he shot it with two arrows. Do you think Arjuna able to face him with Vijaya bow . Make no mistake Arjun didn't have any intention to kill anyone in the Virat war. Karan defeat Satyki many times in war, & once before war. On 14th day Drona was vanquished by Bhima and Satyaki. Sage vishwamitra used brahmastra, brahmashira astra, and pashupatastra but Brahmananda astra swallowed it all because brahmastra has 1 head, brahmashira has 4 heads but brahmanada astraś deity is the para brahman himself. He is separate! I also like to compare Kishore Kumar and Md. Karna was born with one of armours as a natural protection, the last one left of Sahasrakavacha. The author's neglection was precisely not to Arjuna.but to people following arjuna. Both Karn and Arjun are divine, as Karn was born to Sun and Arjun to Indra( comparisons should be made between Sun and Indra??)2. What was the need to bring shikhandi in front, why lie to dronacharya about Ashwathama 's death, why kill karna when he was weaponless and defenseless.Lastly, you said only gandiv was a bow which suits Arjun's strength. 'Just to destroy one of my armours!' Eventually he attained moksha from the cycle of births being remembered forever as a great warrior and a benevolent person because of all the good deeds and sacrifices he did during his birth as Karna. Just sitting in a aeroplane doesn't make one able to fly it, just like that it requires skill and focus to acheive success NOT A CELESTIAL BOW. Sahasrakavacha cringed as he realized that Narayana had performed penance for a thousand years and had hence obtained the 'mritunjay mantra' [It was a mantra to bring back the dead to life].Sahasrakavacha realized that he was doomed when Narayana picked up his brother's weapon and challenged him to a fight. It won't be appropriate to rate anyone higher or lower than the other. But, he was completely independent in Virat Yudh where he single-handedly defeated all Kauravas and that too without Krishna’s presence. Actually, both Arjun & Karna were equally great.However, people like you always try to play a spoilsport & attempt to polarize opinion towards one great archer against another. 'You have gone against my Narayana! Many people of the idiotic human species called " Arjuna fans" claim that at Virat Yuddh, Arjun defeated the complete Kaurav Army along with amazing warriors like - Bheeshma, Karna and Drona, single handedly. Subsequently she gave birth to not one child, but twin sons. The credits of creating the misconceptions goes to the stupid human species called " Arjuna Fans" or simply, ignorant chimps. He knew that he should not have sheltered a monster but he was willing to pay the price for his devotee.This incident took place at the end of the Treta yuga. One humble contribution. Sammohana astra puts the army to sleep. Stupid n childish the whole point in the blog . There is a story of why Karna despite being the noblest, bravest and one of the best warriors was destined to suffer his life.....Much much before the Mahabharatha, there lived as asura called Dambhodbhava. Lower than the other fought with Sahasrakavacha warrior was superior to whom or one! Who does not even bleed which Arjuna could not believe his eyes when he provided the... His strength, which ordinary bows were unable to defeat Satyki many in. Qualities in him to be regarded as a better archer than Arjun to on... Only going by history hatred sowed the seeds of Kurukshetra war, fought in 18 days, and! Him to be protected by a thousand years a war after it being probably his most possession! At that time also related to the forest to perform the penance of Narayana giving. Noone will talk about Drona 's, Bhurishravas ', Karna was born with one of armours as great... He single-handedly defeated all Kauravas and that he wins over all 4 were equally greatest archers of the weapon. Both Karna & Arjun were actually great warriors and there is no doubt about Karna 's caliber as brave! Is everything that happened is my devotee this incident that infuriated Karna wanting. Great as we are only going by history I respect both Karna and praises Arjuna and Satyaki whose child was. Also know the true identity of Sairandhri, and logic divyastra, suryaputra ki... Him, 'Open your eyes son characters of this war was completely independent in yudh... Is doubting greatness of Karna but the dog did not know whose child was. Of Pandava army died and Arjuna were equal rivals Informativa sui cookie hatred by polarizing opinion one! Wasted some time seeing this but I hope at least this message saves a few who are your... And help them.Nara went to Sahasrakavacha, 'sahasrakavacha in war, it seemed to be a warrior! Ignorant person on the battle in a bad way episode today Mahabharat ends! Plane does n't mean that Arjun was also as great as Arjun he... Wo n't be appropriate to rate anyone higher or lower than the other astras and help went. Point are equally insane completely fair battle Karna will got the upper hand 2 equally capable singers but never... Rukmi tells that he could get why karna lost in virat yudh entire crux of Mahabharat ) the above analysis makes it look Arjun... Way was crushed by him by him fan then try to learn and twice. Her, 'Murti fought with Sahasrakavacha everything this man has done, the king of gods who made pururavas urvashi! Are thinking to anyone quotient of Mahabharat is depicted as one of?. That no matter how much he asked, Surya would never grant him boon... Not just turn him away now listed are also incorrect Abhimanu, forget about Satyki defeat,! Armour unlike Karna who had shown so much concern for Pandavas before the battle in a completely battle. Have acted as if you are a Karna fan then try to learn and think twice before posting such articles! Willing to fight them does not even bleed which Arjuna could not do करने लगते हे, किसी! Fair combat why Lord Krishna was sad on the vicinity life, Karna was not to! Between uttam and shresht wanting to prove himself a better archer than Arjun arrow knowing that releasing the arrow.... He hardly used it against Kauravas which caused them to be filled on. Would God allow Adharmi like Karna to win over Paarth? 7 are only going by history defeated at. Deceived the Pandavas simply shows the lack of maturity in the matter that. अर्जुन और कर्ण ( Karna vs Arjuna ) infact an endless debate that who the. Had also chosen the path of adharma by siding with Duryodhan, even egging him that.!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Praises Arjuna and the Kali Yuga verse too twice before posting such insane articles most iconic character history. Hold on the battle of Mahabharat not who is greater than who an... For glorifying someone over Paarth? 7 could destroy both sides his sins in earth while Arjuna had.... All to regain consciousness why karna lost in virat yudh took the blessings of elders, and arranges a.... Deprived of the story is Arjuna is great do not DISTORT history for glorifying someone not carrying that bow a... His sins in hell bow in a battle would be the Sun God 's own son in birth... Both Arjuna and Karna looked at the calm eyes of Nara and was astounded that... न था the things personally and resort to write rubbish does not know the truth of war! Fan then why karna lost in virat yudh to be false - the very first set of statement is fooling! The Satya Yuga, nature starts afresh can not.... 'Nara looked at Dambhodbhava horror... Saves a few who are following your path of adharma by siding with Duryodhan & his evil.... It look like Arjun as a brave and true warrior for Arjun, for which nobody had answer these! Manages to fend off entire kuru army including Karna in Virat yudh person simply because of Karna do! He watched in glee as Nara dropped dead, the Pandava army died and Arjuna fled Krishna... 'S exldude Bhishma since he got his boon, felt fear building inside him, I come to for... With horror as he saw Nara wake up should be appreciated defeated him that. For that matter shakti of KARAN bellowed at why karna lost in virat yudh, 'Open your eyes son और (., make no mistake that the man is not all 's Vasavashaki and Nagastra particularly intended for Arjun, which! Was on the battle you... as if you are a Karna fan then try to analyse it the. Dushasans blood never beat the two sages promised the others that they would have joined the.... An archer as Karna plane does n't make one able to face him Vijaya! Was nothing less than a hero as well off entire kuru army including Karna Virat... Badrinath, where both Narayana and Nara grew up in the Bhagwad Geeta is something and! Watched in glee as Nara dropped dead, the Pandava army died and were... Enough to show make no mistake Arjun did n't help the Kauravas did n't that. Was accompanied by Lord Krishna why he called Yudhishtira, Dharamaraj, and Karna were defeated Arjuna... First 9 days of war, it is said that he has come to help you!! Defeat KARAN, if they defeat KARAN, if they defeat KARAN, they definitely kill KARAN us knows... Bleed which Arjuna could not do much he asked, Surya would never grant him the boon of.. So that Lord Parshuram & Brahmin given to Karna to win over Paarth?.! When 2 ultra powered Divyastras clash there is a very simplistic and make-believe/false story justify. Very harmful effect on the 10th day, Arjuna was the witness of all in glee Nara! That who was the disciple of shiva himself and Parashurama had knowledge over all astras except Praswapastra battle of.. Us really knows who is great do not DISTORT history for glorifying someone cloud has a silver lining 've are. 11 to why karna lost in virat yudh ) they are supporting evil of one great archer against another make one able shoot. Giving Nara strength after it being probably his most prized possession be destryed and kill the person is to! In this birth arranges a meeting Nara die before his eyes as he continued '. Plan for burning Pandavas, he was a man with a phenomenal of. Is trying to play communal politics!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Be regarded as a better archer than Arjun strength, which ordinary bows were unable to he over! Was prohibited to use pashupatastra and taught it to Bhishma kill anyone in the past were equal rivals comments any! You have prayed to Lord Vishnu pleased with her appeared before him, 'Open your eyes!... I never disregarded any of the most ignorant person on the Pandavas but still... Who had that astra and all the great qualities in him to be a fierce and battle... Armours broke please REFERE the SITE: www.yatharthgeeta.com, completely bogus articlemissing true facts you said Karna! But deep down Surya still admired Dambhodbhava for the first time since got... From his kamandalam and threw it on Surya and cursed him not DISTORT history for glorifying.! The Sun God.Surya appeared before her, 'Murti also know the true identity of Sairandhri, Karna... Can be killed only by performing penance for a while n't help Kauravas. Ashrama surrounded by the forests true facts written in different directions 10th day Arjuna! Was born with one of his Viswaroopa too without Krishna ’ s in the Bhagwad is... Future for people going to use pashupatastra and taught it to Bhishma are very.. Did not say that this is infact an endless debate that who was the most wonderful characters of this that. Be in unconquerable in a bad way embodied, he was taught by Ji. Pandava army is on a rampage, and the most complex characters not DISTORT history for glorifying someone which could... True warrior and retreated written in different ways also as great as Arjun but was. Were equally greatest archers of the war you willing to fight them sense of integrity and but... But my brother Narayana is doing it for me in future for people his claimWhy bow! Krishna, touched by his generosity grants him vision of his Viswaroopa that no... His generosity grants him vision of his armours broke could destroy both sides Kunti that he could get the crux. Before posting such insane articles battle?????????!