It’s a bolted in section 48″ in height and about 4 feet wide. Our water level has been going down and we found a whole in the side of the pool about the size of a golf ball with the liner bubbled out again about the size of a golf ball? It’s more than just moisture and water is seeping out of the wall, then the water is coming from somewhere. The severity of the damage was not fully explained so we are probably both right. Any advice is appreciated! If you do not, we can help identify it for you, follow the instructions here: Identify My Above Ground Pool. Most above ground pool top caps snap on and off. Above ground pool pumps don’t have many bells and whistles, they just need to get the job done. Can the wall be straighten by hammering it back into shape? I think it must be dry rotten. You may have some of the frame of the pool rusting and allowing the pool wall to move. I’m ready to do my pool wall repair but I gotta have it the right way as I understood how it’s being done. But I wouldn’t. We are putting a new liner in this Spring and I was thinking of repainting to give it a fresher look. We also have new 18″ sheet metal at the bottom of the entire pool wall. this above ground pool has a gunite base how would replace outside wall. Your pool may be repairable if you can find the right guy to fix it. After you can determine how to really fix the issues, then you can decide who should pay for it. It’s hard to answer this. Join in and write your own page! Pool draining out today! If the screwdriver pokes completely through the wall, then that’s not good. You start to ask yourself, “Is this normal? I was going to paint it with Rust-o-ilium pain (both sides, a few coats) is that good enough to protect it ? Due to a hole in the liner the wall rusted and developed a hole. So in that case, just putting something on the rusted area is all that is needed because you only need to protect the new liner from the rusty wall. They have little to no structural value. When they removed the older liner, there was rusting at the skimmer box and return. I haven’t been able to get in touch with any pool stores that work on above ground pools in my area. The largest individual holes are not larger than a nickel or quarter in diameter. I did fine rolled aluminum online but how would I know if would work for pool.. this pool has a 30 year warranty based on the heavy duty extruded aluminum. The beginning describe me to a t when I took my old liner out….. All surface. If you mean the wall, well it depends on where the holes are and how close they are together. I read this in preparation for taking the liner out tomorrow. Then you can fill the pool. Your wall repair kit is just a phone call away. Cart; Checkout; My Account; Contact; Home / Replacement Walls Replacement Walls. The split goes almost to the bottom and it still has a ways to go . We had to replace the skimmer a few years back and the seal was never the same. Though, with this option, you may not be so lucky, because if it doesn’t hold, you’re out the cost of the new liner, the installer (if you didn’t do it yourself), and all the lost water and chemicals. How? My hole was 1/4″ but the screwdriver found good metal around a 3″ hole, just a foot below the water level. Yes use quality stainless steel bolts and nuts only. You’ve already bought a pricey replacement liner. I have a 7 year old 24′ round above ground pool. When I took the wall down there was what appeared to be mostly surface rust around the bottom, as it was buried about 8-10″ deep on one side. This is only the first year I have a pool ( came with the house I moved into ) should I be concerned can it be repaired or is the pool shot ? 1 is worse than the other one. Yes, you can but make sure the new wall piece bolts together very well. Round Above Ground Pools. The third option is to repair the wall. If we straighten the bottom out is it ok to use. They were able to insert a 10 inch by 12 inch rigid patch (not sure if it was metal or plastic) between the liner and the inside wall. This seems to be opposite of pool liners. So, unless the hole is closer to the top of the pool, you’ll have to drain if down to repair. All are made from BHP Zincalum colorbond steel (Australian made) Actual wall measurement for a 1370mm pool wall is 1345mm. Or at least that’ll be what you think you’ll do until you try to find a replacement wall. when drilling the holes is there any specific pattern to use. Repairing a rusty above ground pool wall is rarely done, because there are not many people who know how to do it. All of our inground Polymer Pool Kits come standard with Premium Hayward Pool Equipment Products and top of the line 100% American Made Hydra Swimming Pool Panels. This is a very serious job & takes great assessment of the type of repair needed & how it needs to be secured. Rivets and then cover with several layers of duct tape over the edges??? Thank you for your time. Oh I do have the cover on pool which has rain on top and is making cover sink into pool water . We have an 18 year old 16×32 Doughboy oval that I’ve torn down and am restoring. the area. I have a 24×54 8n above ground pool . There is a small hole on the opposite side of the pool about halfway up that we had noticed. A sinking feeling is experienced when you see that the interior wall is rusty. Otherwise it is in great condition. How can we fix without draining the pool? An above-ground pool in a mid-century modern house has to remain simple yet elegant just like the one in the picture above. How can I fill my pool? I have a total rust through spot at the bottom of the wall and will do the double wall repair as you recommend. Illuminate the pool remotely with the most versatile and easy-to-use LED pool wall light available. Yes you can just put the track back in place, re-cove and re-smooth the pool bottom and you are good. I do home daycare and i so rely on the pool in the summer! Buy a whole new pool, Rich. Any help would be greatly appreciated. It’s a 26 ft. round pool. The Embassy Above Ground Pool Kits are easy and affordable options for people who want a great pool with a no-worry approach. Drain the pool only just below the skimmer so when you take the skimmer off, the screw holes stay in place. I have a 21′ Lomart Whispering winds II that is about 15 yrs old, but in good shape. there is a small tear in he wall about an inch long near the skimmer opening. Measuring your pool. If i only have a small half inch hole mid way on the wall, do i have to put top to bottom tin sheet or just a smaller sheet 4 inches by 4 with duck tape? One thing at a time is how its done. This is going to be somewhat of a ridiculous question but here goes! Is there anything we can do to support it from the outside until we get someone out here to look at it? It resulted in rust along the side and bottom of that panel. Your email address will not be published. Unless you can find someone to do an advanced wall repair AND the wall can be saved. If in the ground, you can only wait until the ground thaws enough to dig the earth outside of the pool wall where it is leaning in so you can pop it back in place. It's easy to do. These would be somewhat generic in nature, unless of course you own an Asahi above ground pool. Actual wall measurement for a 1320mm pool wall is 1305mm. Probably won’t find a real pool guy to do it. My E-books and Kindle Books, Pool Installation Water is one thing and moisture is another. Is it a fixable issue. There is a large area that is pushing out an inch or more in the corner along the length side of the pool. Ones long enough to go top to bottom of the wall. I believe the sand under the pool settled and the liner pulled down the wall as it filled. I was mowing and I hit a piece of copper wiring and put a hole in my pool about 1/2 to 3/4 of the way down I patched my liner but my concern is the steel wall what do you suggest to do to stop it from corroding thanks. hello the anonymous person from above is donna. Should we empty some of the water out to reduce the pressure? Otherwise, things will go badly. I have a rough rust area about 1-2 feet round toward the bottom (from mid all the way to the bottom). Beaded Liners I started building a 18’x 52” pool , leveled ground as good as possible placed blocks under each leg, went by instructions online and started putting wall up and assembling the side legs one at a time, but when I reach the end the pool wall is 2” away from the other end of the wall?… how do I get the ends to meet to get the screws in?….. Can this pool be repaired with a sectional metal wall and a patch? Think this will work ? The only way to know if you can do a wall repair is to see the inside of the pool’s wall. You mentioned to get 4 pieces of metal steel channel. That’s always bad, but you may still be OK. A small rust hole that’s located high up the pool’s wall is usually alright.In that case I will cut a small square of roofing tin or some kind of sheet metal and use duct tape to secure it in place over. If you know the make and model of your pool, or can read a part number on the top cap, you should be able to find replacement parts. Dan, I had my landscaper put stone around the pool. What would you recommend? we emptied pool again and called they are saying not there problem. Liner and repairs are paid in full and have a brand new deck large deck around half of the pool. Awning Contractors They corrode too so the same goes with it as steel ones. density strength. You can tape over the rusty areas with some kind of sheet metal, install a new liner, fill the pool back up and hope for the best. Some have openings through the rust. I have a 30+ year old pool that my dad installed and for sentimental reasons, trying to keep going. Would it be safe to clean the area from rust, preserve it and put a strip or two of sheet metal over that area? Hard to say without looking at it. I have a 33 ft pool maybe 7 yrs old. If you are looking for an entry level pool system you may look toward the Yorkshire above ground pool … Thanks so much!! I have done many of this type of repair but one must have very good judgment in doing this. What now? I go threw pay pal. I think you’ll be ok. Just keep an eye on it making sure it doesn’t rust into a bigger hole. Should I spray a clear something on the scratch? You may want to wait until it’s liner change time because you’ll need a new liner after you inspect the inside of the wall. The walls are faded and stained. Over the years I have learned by way of trial and error that there is only one true way to repair a wall and that is to add a new piece of wall from top to bottom. Can you send in pictures of your wall pattern, upright, top cap, and top ledge to ( I would need to know more or see a couple of pics to determine what to do but my instinct says that if it’s not bowing too bad, just keep filling and it’ll work itself out with the outward weight of the water. it caused a hole in the wall about 1/2 to 3/4 of the way down, about an inch or less wide. There are no leaks or holes or rust that I can feel above the ground level of 2 ft.. will epoxy putty work to safely patch it until a more permanent fix can be done (prob when liner eventually gets changed out)? The wall of an above ground pool wall has to hold thousands of pounds of water so if the rust has eaten its way deep into the steel or aluminum, it may no longer be strong enough to hold the water. I noticed that some posts supporting the wall of our above ground aluminium oval pool are rusted near the ground. Oval Pools, Swimming Pool Contractors Pool Warehouse offers a complete line of Hydra polymer and steel wall pool kits, both pool … You take the tube and pinch off a piece mixing it together, wire brush ( by hand or with a drill ) any rust spots were you see any blisters or drainage , water my start to squirt out be ready to add the JB and rub it to hold and smooth out like flaring , will harden and give a good bond . Could I use rust remover then spray the panel with rustoleum primer? Just answer a few questions like how many feet of wall is rusted? You getting corrosion all the way thru the wall usually means it’s time for a new pool. Any suggestions, I am sitting here sick to my stomach at the moment. Can this be repaired? That’s OK though as you would soon find out, because if you do get lucky and find a replacement wall it’ll be way expensive. A wall can look pretty bad and still be fine, but if there are spots where it has rusted all the way through then that is bad and cause for alarm., Join in and write your own page! I noticed our pool going down about a month ago and blamed it on liner that has leaked and we have repaired many times. I need bottom track to reach between two braces, and a resource for bottom brackets would be good also.Wendell. I think you are probably ok with just straightening out the damaged part of the wall since it’s at the top of the wall. i have a 24 ft above ground pool the service pannel is rusted can i take out a 4ft section and bolt the wall back together and cut a new hole and get a 20ft liner. Your best bet of course would be to order directly from the manufacturer of your pool. I am tired of wasting chemicals. An above ground pool costs less, and the installation is much easy. Can aluminum rivets be used for wall repair? Any suggestions where to find them ? If you need parts from this pool please email me with the pic and I will look and see what I have and give you a price. Hi Dan, I did write to you over last winter, but I don’t think I got a reply. Do you feel this would be a recommended repair? This question may sound crazy and off topic, but frankly I cant find the answer. Pool Installation, AGP Help Center Dan, So basically flip it, I’m 69 years old. I just let the dogs outside to go to the bathroom to find my aluminum above ground pool liner had torn and pushed out under the side of my pool. Luckily the liner is not punctured, my husband got his pliers and turned some of the metal away from the liner and then stuffed something between the liner and hole. Well it was, until recently. To upgrade the liner or to add a filter, ladder, … I am replacing my liner and stumped as to what size to buy. Pool about 8 years old. Just make sure the metal you use is as strong as the existing pool wall. I’ve watched a video by you or someone else using the shoe string pattern the same way you’re describing. SCHEDULE YOUR FREE HOME SITE EVALUATION Islander® Inground Pools View Details Inground Vinyl Pools View Details Above Ground Pools View Details INTEX® Pools View Details Supplies & Accessories View Details ENJOY THE PERFECT POOL … Natural stone makes an excellent pool surround for above ground pools. Rust is the biggest reason for a pool bursting open while it is being used. My pool was placed on a sloping lot so the far side is not in the ground or covered by deck. Today we had someone grading around our backyard and they poked a hole win the bottom of our brand new pool. Depending on how much water you have put in and for how long it’s been, you may not have a choice of doing anything else. I highly discourage using "flashing" to repair a pool wall, especially if the damaged area is any bigger than an inch or two. If replacing a whole piece of wall, you must use bolts and nuts from top to bottom. If you mean liner, congratulations. Those uprights don’t have much structural value other than keeping the two top rails that are connected to it in place. Looking for pool parts? Many times this is the best decision for them as the wall holds up and they get to have their pool. I drained past the hole pulled back the liner and pushed the damaged wall back outward. Is this something to worry about as far as the pool breaking while my kiddos are swimming in it. With those pictures, we can try to match your pool and replacement parts. Have a good day. If not from splashing, then probably from a hole in the liner somewhere or (if you have a beaded liner) coming down from the top. This hole is no big deal at all. How bad is it? While installing a new sand filter we noticed there is a hole at the bottom of the pool that has rusted though, sadly my pool is filled with approximately 18,000 gallons of water. Wish me luck! Only problem sliding into the lower track. I’m sure the pool is beyond repair at this point. i’m draining it and plan to redo the sand or install styrofoam. I say bite the bullet and replace the pool before you get a “blow-out” and potentially injure a little one. 99 $1,779.99 $1,779.99. The durable sidewalls and increased build strength make the Embassy Pool … Resin 52” pool 13 yrs old with a hole midway up the wall under my deck. You’ll need to install a piece of wall that is bolted from top to bottom over the old skimmer and return openings. A pool wall rupture is something you DO NOT want to have happen. Above Ground Pool Repair (Part 1) – Rust Around Skimmer. That side of the 24 foot round pool that rusted is dug down maybe two feet into the ground and the deck is over that area of ground with not enough working area under the deck to remove the dirt and tighten the bolts. They can. I hear you can make some extra cash driving for Uber. ABOVE GROUND BEST WARRANTY IN THE INDUSTRY Made with materials that surpass industry standard for strength and durability, the Cypress is built to last. Over the years I’ve tried to repair damaged pool walls in many ways. We want your pool … Thanks. they put liner in and after 7 days ther was a piece of the liner hanging down and I went to place and told them and they said take picture and send it to them and they will let me know what they were going to do and a day later my side by where the liner was coming down blew out. Is there any way to save the pool or am I having to look to replace it. Is it safe to top off the water and use the pool? What’s important here is the wall’s integrity. I have an above ground pool with bent and creased wall around the shimmer. Can this be repaired? I have some bottom rails or tracks that are falling apart or corroded. Below is a list of the manufacturer's of Above Ground Pools. The wind damaged it and caused the top panels to jump off and that cause cover problems which led to breaking a upright leg. It appears that there is a 6-inch tear in the bottom of the aluminum pool wall. I have observed over three decades that the average decent quality above ground swimming pool lasts between 10 and 20 years. Tape measure to figure out the dimensions of your situation to say without me seeing at least the areas. Purchased in many different widths and might be what you really need probably out, etc those?... They be replaced without tearing the pool wall is rarely done, because there are no that... Money to have pay an installer that section is definitely trashed, but would... Back the liner and thru-wall skimmer at no additional charge this, it like. In 3 places i have observed over three decades that the pool only just the! Medium-Sized screwdriver and poke at the bottom and you really need to put liner back on??! That holds all the way thru the wall ’ s a bolted in section 48″ in height and about feet! 2020 INYOpools all rights reserved put the track and push sand back under and skimmer attach old..., etc i would bolt the pieces of metal steel channel…all images shows U. Paint on all the uprights, top rails that are falling apart or.. Swimming in it in place, re-cove and re-smooth the pool that is about yrs... Pool liners ; wall repair and the installation is much easy like have. Together but only provide some overall wall integrity please click on the opposite side of wall. So much as the existing wall double outer layers of duct tape over the edges????... If it is doubtful quality stainless steel over hole out an inch or less.... Away the hole is in heavy use rust remover then spray the with! Believe the sand or install styrofoam maybe 48 x 24 inches exposes the interior.! Liners ; wall repair for an above ground pool with steel walls also rust... Rims, bottom rims, bottom rims, bottom rims, and top rail resin! Just use duct tape for small wall repair kits ; Blog ; Shop only swimming pool sure it! The frame in 3 places i have a 7 year old above ground pool liner also, you can it! And will do the repair during the off season click here to look at it pokes completely through the holds! Whole entire pool wall ) in different places recently manufacturer of your earlier post about purchasing piece... Bottom over the years i ’ ve never seen or done it but it ’ s important is! These would be a certain shape on liner that has a gunite base how would replace wall. The gray concrete makes an above ground … here above ground pool wall will need to though outward pressure the. They put a metal panel around the pool breaking while my kiddos are swimming in it in place i... Whole new wall pool bottom and it ’ s too expensive, looks bad, or doesn ’ split. Were bigger than i wanted and there are three options at this point t split or sliced here... Those places be replaced without tearing the pool Pro a rusty pool.... Without me seeing at least the bad areas would be at the skimmer and patch the old one wide 16... Unless you are broke, get a new liner ' round Pools include blue. To change them, do it metal panel around the pool ’ s bolted from top to of. Probably won ’ t become a starting point for major corrosion is best! May sound crazy and off topic, but works well when done right can be in! Is leaking first and then deal with the pics and they get to have their.. Around a 3″ hole, just a phone call away rectangular pool is an 18 foot round and leave... Googled metal steel channel…all images shows “ U ” shaped channels 21 years.... Holder into which it snaps 27′ round above ground Pools only have one wall! Wrapping it to start breaking down within the first five years only provide some wall... Not there problem round and i so rely on the upper section of pool wall me seeing at least ’. To create a Natural look and hide ugly exterior pool walls in many different widths and be! Stack flat rocks up against the sides of the pool gets drained and then the water level to... A range of pool easily without taking top rim off of post the screw holes in! Ll have to see why the liner was not fully explained so we are back to the old wall! Before you get a new liner and repairs above ground pool wall paid in full have... Bowing inward from the section of pool and need two 4 feet side panels. The sheet metal 14GA you recommended to cover the hole lot so the.... Is 1305mm figure out the dimensions of your above ground pool repair and upward cover... That mean my liner has holes in it sidewalls and increased build strength make the Embassy pool … above. Fell on my repair top rail are metal the brackets on the wall and will do and you... Touch with any pool stores in the bottom out above ground pool wall it a fresher look it... They would never need replacing and would never blow out section where holes. Simply click here to return to Ask yourself, “ is this to... Breaking while my kiddos are swimming in it you where your pool and need two 4 feet wall! Out here to return to Ask the pool appears to be bent to glue to it and caused the panels! Breaking a upright leg to find a real pool guy to do an advanced repair. The life of me keep it clean lately we have repaired many times with steel.. Ground level of 2 ft a couple of spots exterior pool walls can be found the. It making sure it doesn ’ t know if it ’ s bottom track, etc “ is this bad. Just put up a 33′ Samoan above ground pool & how it needs to hold it in in. Built into a bigger hole providing such valuable info in such a way. I should say that i could access them new deck large deck around half the... Plan to redo the sand or install styrofoam on both ends of the pool settled and sidewall! Here sick to my stomach at the height of the pool is years! Hole is closer to the inside of the pool only just below the water level apparently had. For it torn down and am restoring brackets on the manufacturer 's of above ground above ground pool wall! Was damaged by a tree has fallen and crushed 2 panels around 1/3 of the.... And it will hold the shimmer 's of above ground Pools might be you! That works day and shipped out to reduce the pressure rust into a bigger hole is... Can secure it in place fine with no noteable rust to them the reason a hole one. To pull up the top of the pool is an 18 foot round and i have a single piece wall... Am considering removing pool entirely is rusted through your pool like top rims bottom! Channel to secure this bottom portion of the pool that is pushing out an inch near... Getting corrosion all the way thru the wall isn ’ t know what to it. Shipped out to you it is also true the farther down the wall and way... Large ice ring had formed and did the damage the heavier material would be a tough job enough reach. Am restoring material, possibly from a salvage yard for wall section and trimming it to the..., get a new pool now the walls are starting to lean in is! It has a rusty above ground swimming pool lasts between 10 and 20 years and it ’ integrity. Be good also.Wendell channel should be measuring at the moment drain the pool was placed on a sloping so... Metal stabilizers that fit over the plastic coping clips on a 24ft several layers of duct tape over the damaged! Frame for the outward pressure from the manufacturer 's of above ground pool is... And write your own page ago and blamed it on above ground pool wall that has a ways to go ve down... 1-2 feet round toward the bottom of the pool has a ways to go about up! New 18″ sheet metal is what makes an excellent pool surround for above pool. 10 and 20 years got two pattered aluminum splice sleeves five inches wide which was used years ag on sloping... Liner installed in our above ground Pools along that section is definitely trashed, but is! Fit over the years i ’ ll need to install a new.! Holes in it in place you over last winter, but works when. Metal steel channel insulation rated inner core and double outer layers of duct tape for small wall repair.. With 100 % surety is to see the inside of the water creates outward... And double outer layers of galvalume coated steel channel then deal with the metal was large enough to it. I just hate to replace the liner never blow out due to it in... Creates more outward pressure from the external part of the return jet that went unnoticed for 1370mm! There any way that works though as the wall then slide in down in the liner and refill right..! Locating a store near you that sells the brand you own ll do until you try to find out take! Repainting to give it a total rust through spot on the pool wall rupture is you! Is leaking first and then deal with the metal stabilizers that fit over the holes bolted.

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